How to go from a Nobody Weirdo With An Idea, To a Brand Builder with a thriving business in less than 90 days starting from scratch.

Here's my simple strategy to go from a nobody with an idea, to practically forcing things to work out the way you want them to.

It'll probably work for you too.

It's actually pretty simple...I know, I know..., not what you where expecting.

Basically, we just take really big tasks and break them down into smaller more manageable activities where we can control the process and the activities we pay the most attention to.

In my own personal life, I've always found that If I could control the process and limit the variables, then the outcome, no matter what I was trying to do, was pretty predictable.

It got me through Ranger school (second row from the bottom 9th from the right)

It's helped me get off of the retail sales floor less than 4 months after being hired and generate over $76 million in additional annual revenue as the only digital marketer for a company doing over $650 million in revenue per year.

...It helped me parlay those skills into a lucrative consulting career in less than 4 months after leaving my digital marketing job.

In life, as in business, there are so many variables that you cannot control.

But what you can control are the goals you pick, and steps that you take to make accomplishing your goals a lot more predictable.

I like to call this process probability stacking.  

Like I said before, the concept is simple.

Focus on consistently controlling what you can control.

And only do things that move the needle in the direction you want to go and you're good.

In marketing we often refer to this as a sprint.  

I've always looked at sprints as mini challenges to see how much I could get done before the next sprint was supposed to occur.

This requires a little bit of planning. But the payoff is definitely worth it.

For the first sprint iteration, my focus is always on grabbing the low hanging fruit and building a  framework to make things easier for myself for future iterations.

This allows me to basically automate 90% of the repetitive tasks that are essential for success.

Once the framework was in place, the rest is just consistently showing up and doing what you need to do to keep moving the needle.

the secret to Turning your idea into a Thriving Business is definitely not as hard as people make it out to be...

And it's not as easy as your favorite GURU says either. The TRUTH lies somewhere in between.

Here's the dish...

For most people the thing is...they don't need another course.

They just need a course of action they can consistently follow.

They don't need another marketing HACK.

They just need a list of high impact marketing activities that they can consistently work against.

They don't need to go from launch to launch, you just need a goal and handful of offers that help you acquire customers consistently.

You don't need a growth hack, or magic trick to build a high growth business.

You just need to track what works, make adjustments and consistently build a toolbox of assets that move you closer to where you want to be.

The same can be said for anything you want in life...

You want the body of your dreams?  There's only one way to get it naturally...

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Consistently workout and eat right.  
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

You want to build a huge business?  There's only one way to get it...

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Consistently get your offer out there, generate leads.
  • Follow up.  
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

You want to achieve financial freedom? There is only one way to get it.

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Consistently make better money choices.  
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

You want to  have the best jump shot? There is only one way to get it.

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Consistently shoot jumpers in practice and game time situations.
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

You want to be an influencer?  There is only one way to do it.

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Consistently put out content that speaks to your tribe.
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

You want better relationships with your family.  Only one way to do it...

  • Identify the goal.
  • Create a course of action.
  • Commit to consistently showing up.
  • Track what works.
  • Adjust.
  • Repeat.

Consistency is the Answer to almost every Challenge.

Consistency Creates Habits And Habits Create Breakthroughs.

That's why the challenges at The Good Life Game work so well.

The challenges are like mental shortcuts.

They allow you to be the architect of your journey rather than a victim of it.

The challenges create a structure.  

The challenges identify the goal.

The challenges provide the course of action.

The challenges provide the time constraints.

And YOU commit to consistently showing up.

Tracking what works.


And Repeating.

The challenges help you reach a state of psychological momentum.

They help you focus on staying consistent.

They help you control the things you can control.

They help you develop the right habits.

And you become a byproduct of your consistent action.

So if you are ready to try something different, just put your best email in the form below and let's get started.

Challenge #1: 

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I've consulted for fortune 100 companies.

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I've helped send a 3D printer into outer space.

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I enjoy hanging out with my family and close friends, more that I like HUSTLING, and I'm a bit of a personal development junky.

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